"We started making soap and it escalated from there..."

We love thrift shops and anything antique. While roaming around a store full of unique goodies, we would always find ourselves in the homemade soap section, smelling the natural aromas and loving the beautiful character each bar had. Growing up with a grandmother who had a shop of her very own,  we always had a dream of creating something together. We knew we had to make those beautiful, delicious, homemade soaps we loved so much.

Like the true entrepreneurs we are, we quickly realized we wanted to make more than soaps. We realized we could make products that would help us stop putting yucky chemicals on our skin and create a beautiful, natural, alternative. It went from making natural soaps to -masks, lotions, candles and now a WHOLE beauty skin care line that we are SO proud of. 

Salt + Soul is something that inspires us everyday. 

We create vegan, chemical free, all natural products for YOU.