Salt and Soul Signature soap: Pink pepper, green foliage and clove blend into sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver for a fresh, earthy woody blend. Essential oils of Atlas cedarwood, orange, Lavendar, Patchouli, Vetiver, Eucalyptus, Olibanum, Rock Rose, Myrtus Communis top notes: Pink Pepper, Green foliage middle notes: sandalwood, patchouli, lavender base notes: Clove, Amber, Vetiver


Ginger amber coconut: this soap is scented Ginger Amber and Coconut with top notes of Ginger, lime and tropical greens middle notes of lotus and coconut and base notes of amber, musk, guaiac wood a nice sweet scent our top favorite!


Blood Orange + Lime Agave:

WARM + BOOZY - Gourmand citrus rind and warming spices are muddled together for a sophisticated celebratory cocktail.TOP: Blood Orange, Cinnamon Bark, Fresh Nutmeg MIDDLE: Ginger Snap, Plum Honey, Fir Balsam BASEL Cacao Blanc, Brown Vanilla, Cedarwood


Patchouli + Peppercorn: a dark, musky-earthy aroma thats Luxurious, subtle and mysterious.


Lemongrass + Lavender:  A spritely fresh pick me up thats  light & calming with a hint of lemon


Smoked Cedar + Leather: 

An intriguing, fiery fragrance reminiscent of enjoying a roaring fireplace curled up on a plush leather couch.TOP: Cumin, Cedar Leaf, Apple MIDDLE: Oregano, Anise, Cannabis BASE: Spice, Warm Leather, Smoke


Coconut + Vanilla:A decadent warm vanilla glacé. Light and creamy coconut dances with vanilla and a touch of brown sugar for a sweetly subtle treat  TOP: Creamy Honey MIDDLE: Coconut, Caramel, Monk Fruit BASE: Brown Sugar, Vanilla bean


Ginger wood, Palo Santo + Rose:

Warm woods and hints of cassis nectar and red clay dance in reminiscence of hearthy embers + a roaring fireplace. TOP: Cassis Nectar, Pomegranate, Camphor MIDDLE: Arabian Rose, Red Clay, Cedarwood BASE: Palo Santo, Terra-cotta Amber, Musk


Coastal Redwood + Mandarin:

Sparkling citrus and warm mingle coconut vanilla for a delectably sunny treat. TOP: Mandarin, Lemon, Bergamot MIDDLE: Mimosa, Coconut, Vanilla BASE: Musk, Amber, Sandalwood

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