Rose Blue Spruce Room + Linen mist

Our Rose Blue Spruce Room + Linen Mist smells like a walk through an enchanted forest, a sophisticated composition of flower gardens and majestic trees.


Top: Lemon Rind, Lemon Flower

Middle: White Rose, Blue Spruce

Base: Patchouli, Canadian Fir Needle, Sandalwood


Our Room+Linen Mists deliver a strong mist of fragrance that lasts for hours yet are safe and gentle since they are made with only all-natural and vegan ingredients. They are small enough to tuck in your purse to use on-the-go or in your office too! Perfect for sheets, rugs, curtains, car, office and everywhere in between.


INSTRUCTIONS: Shake well, spray and enjoy!

Rose Blue Spruce Room + Linen mist