Mandarin Sea Salt Room + Linen Mist


Beware! Mandarin Sea Salt is the sexiest fragrance in our collection. The warm and cool collide as opening notes of mandarin and crystal sea salt quickly melt into heady jasmine, vetiver and deep sexy labdanum. 


TOP: Mandarin, Sea Salt, Pink Pepper

MIDDLE: Orchid, Jasmine

BASE: Cypress, Vetiver, Labdanum 


Our Room+Linen Mists deliver a strong mist of fragrance that lasts for hours yet are safe and gentle since they are made with only all-natural and vegan ingredients. They are small enough to tuck in your purse to use on-the-go or in your office too! 


INSTRUCTIONS: Shake well + mist. Perfect for sheets, rugs, curtains, car, office and everywhere in between.

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