Tango Charlie + Tex28 Candle Making Event

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Hey babes! Come join Salt+Soul Organics porch side at Tango Charlie boutique and Tex28

every year we select different venues to collab and get social with, every time we have such an amazing turnout and it’s just a fun way for us babes to get out and do something new and fun with our family and friends! We have met so many new people and have created many new friendships doing these events.  

We were asked to present a candle making class at Tango Charlie + Tex28 in Salado, TX.  During this event each of you will have your own candle making supplies, fragrance option of choice , food and wine by our host, and a goodie bag with a free surprise product from Salt+Soul Organics skincare line! Don’t miss out on a fun filled afternoon! 


XO- Salt+Soul Organics 


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