Ice Facials Anyone

Ice Facials Anyone

Ice Facials Anyone


So being the skincare guru that I am, I have heard about this ice facial technique and had to do some serious research because I was immediately intrigued.

I’m personally not a fan of feeling cold and “ ice shocked” but I’m down for its benefits! So here is what I’ve gathered.

What is skin icing?

So according to Ice has long been a secret to clear skin for its healthy looking glow effects.

This long time skincare secret goes way back to the renaissance period and it also long been a regular practice in the skincare routine of Korean women, who are of course, known for their beauty rituals.

The most basic form of skin icing is when you use an ice cube to reduce under eye or facial puffiness.

( we all at some point have used a cold cucumber on our eyes or refrigerated spoons am I right?)

When ice is applied to the skin, it causes blood to rise to the surface which brings on a rosy glow and soothes/ tightens the skin.

I don’t know about y’all but I have very puffy skin in the morning so ice facialing would be best for me …in the morning lol.

Benefits of skin icing 

  • Reduces Inflammation 
  • Reduces pore size
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Soothes blemishes

  • How to prepare your skin before icing 

    It’s always best to gently cleanse your skin before icing and avoid sun exposure. 

    Our favorite foaming cleanser


    So I always plan ahead before I decide to ice my face and allow myself

     “ me” time the next morning.  Also it’s best to apply a moisturizer such as glow serum

    To act as a protective barrier on the skin.

    After icing the skin apply a toner- here is a soothing calm toner with healing aloe and pure rose water Apply moisturizer again.

    Icing the face should only be 20 seconds in a circular motion around your face and under eyes per session.

    So I’ve experimented some! Creating skincare on the regular I do a ton of research on products, ingredients, benefits that plants and their properties provide.

    I absolutely LOVE using plants and flowers for their natural skincare benefits! 

    It’s so awesome that the earth can give us what we need.

    Have you ever heard of butterfly pea? AKA clitoria ternatea.  It’s known for its rich antioxidants and is linked to several health benefits and used in many skincare + beauty products, one being our butterfly serum

     ( collagen boosting serum)

    So why not make an ice facial using butterfly pea!? I definitely want all the antioxidants and collagen boosting benefits.

    Below I provided a link of the butterfly pea tea recipe I use to freeze for my facials! Enjoy!


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