3 Must do steps to skincare

3 Must do steps to skincare

When it comes to skincare there’s a lot of product out there that just ( for me at least) gets me feeling very overwhelmed.

We walk down the beauty isle and see all these products that are new whether it be a face wash, moisturizer or serum, half the time I feel like women don’t even know what that product is or what it does for them and don’t even get on the topic of price 

Hahaha…. Anyone else believe if a product is more expensive than it MUST BE BETTER? Or is that just me?

One reason we started a skincare line was because me and my sister are at the age ( 35) where your skin matters! I mean we aren’t getting any younger so we have to start somewhere…. But where? We kept asking ourselves..surely we can’t be the only ones clueless as where to start, so with a lot of time and research put in my sister and I created Salt+Soul Organics- A natural line of skincare products built for woman like me and you with easy guided steps to your skincare routine AND did I mention it’s affordable products with ingredients you can TRUST?….. no more google to look up ingredients…amen to that.

Here are 3 must do steps to your skincare routine.



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